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Academic Excellence Seminar/Counseling and Personal Development
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What is it?


Counseling and Personal Development (CPD 150) class the first semester of their college program is an introduction to higher education learning, with focus on the development of critical thinking, research, time management, communication, and stress management skills. Incorporates academic and career goal-setting strategies, and develops financial literacy.

How is it done?

  • Students meet once a week for 50-min classroom lectures

  • If students have questions or concerns, they are encouraged to voice them during this group setting

  • Students determine their best learning styles and how to apply them

  • Counselors give Myer’s Briggs Personality tests for CPD students

  • Specialists are brought in to talk to students about career opportunities

  • University recruiters are brought in to discuss college transfer opportunities

  • Budget:   Additional costs to that of a 3hr credit course are for the Myer’s Briggs Personality tests.  The Myers Briggs is approximately $15/student

What are the results?

  • Students learn how to work on their personal skills to meet the rigor of college learning and the pace change from high school academics

  • Students become more knowledgeable about opportunities and requirements for transferring to universities

  • It provides an opportunity for students to ask questions

  • Students are better prepared for the personal and academic requirements necessary for success

  • Most students continue in college after the first semester even if they drop out of the Early College Academy program

What have we learned?

  • It is critical to help students adjust to the pace and rigor of college coursework
  • By informing students of requirements needed in transferring to a university, it enables them to make decisions for themselves and take ownership of their career path
  • Students learn more about their personal abilities, learning skills, and how to cope with a very rigorous academic life
  • Students appreciate hearing each other ask questions and expressing concerns in a group setting

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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