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Industry gives Community College Faculty Input to keep Course Curriculum Current
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What is it?


Education and local industry collaborators work together to help students to successfully prepare for their future

How is it done?

  • Invite college Engineering and Technology faculty members, industry partners, and college administration to quarterly luncheon meetings reviewing curriculum changes, industry future needs, and is an opportunity for everyone to meet each other (Budget $600 per meeting)

  • Include faculty members on curriculum decisions made by the college and suggested by the partners

  • Organized by the Deans of Technology and Engineering and the Industry Coordinator.  The event is funded through a grant from NSF.

  • Agendas are made by the college and industry partners and faculty are notified of the luncheon IAB meeting by email/phone

What are the results?

  • College faculty actively participate in opportunities to share information  and seek feedback from industry partners

  • Industry partners appreciate the faculty presence and recommendations; dialogue

  • When industry changes are initiated, the college has an opportunity to react making sure that curriculum is current.  This makes students more employable and the college course more relevant to the industry needs. An example:  DOD required anyone working on a federal contract to have security certification.  The college revised curriculum and provided additional training for students making them eligible for employment.

  • New degree plans have been initiated by the college.  An example:  Industry partners needed students to have specific requirements for future industry needs.  The college and industry partners met as a sub-group, initiated a survey, reviewed the industry needs, and are developing an Engineering Technology degree that meets industry needs and college requirements.

What have we learned?

  • It is imperative to have a healthy relationship with faculty and industry partners
  • Both the College and its industry partners are learning a lot about each other
  • There is a continuous need to review job requirements for employment and inform faculty and administration of changes
  • Industry partners and the college have employee changes and it is good practice to maintain updated lists and meet new employees
  • It is best to meet with everyone at one time to avoid duplication
  • It is best to meet at lunch based on attendance and scheduling available times
  • Formal meetings two times a year are good for keeping communication open while optimizing everyone’s time.

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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