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College Advisors and Recruiters
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What is it?


College advising is provided to area high school students with information and strategies for high school students to attend college and taking college level courses.  Students grades 9-12

How is it done?

  • College Advisors and full time college Recruiter make contact with area high school students informing them of college opportunities using multiple methods

  • College Recruiter conducts follow-up of all interested students who complete Request for Additional Information cards

  • College Recruiter attends all area high schools’ College Week activities promoting the college

  • College Advisors meet with high school counselors at least once an academic year for a sit-down review of academic changes

  • College Advisors conduct “table visits” at area high schools once or twice a month during the high school lunch times and offer information on college opportunities

  • College Recruiter coordinates activities to encourage students to transfer to university to continue their engineering degree:

    • In the spring, the college buses high school students to the college campus for a fun activity filled day of career exploration

    • Fall semester, the college is invited by high schools for Career Night promoting educational programs that the college offers

    • Fall and spring semesters, the college advisor brings high schools students to the college for their Future Focus class:

      • Six stations are set up for approximately 100 high school freshmen to rotate through

      • Coordinated through the college with the high school teacher and counselors, students sign up with high school counselors for the event

      • College provides lunch

      • Provide students with knowledge of what college offers

    • Continual contact is made with college advisors and high school counselors

What are the results?

  • Future students and parents have a better idea of what the college has to offer

  • Students and parents learn that there are Early College opportunities for high school students to take classes while in high school

  • Increased enrollment in high school students in college courses

  • College learns high school student career interests

What have we learned?

  • Best practice to interact with students at an earlier age

  • Providing lunch is a good idea

  • Best to meet and have open communication between college advisors and high school counselors

  • Assistant Dean of Student Services reviews report that detail how many students from each area high school are taking college courses and how it compares to the previous year

  • Provides support to high school counselors that are attempting to meet graduation requirements for many students at each high school.

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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