Arizona STEM Network — Led by Science Foundation Arizona

The Arizona STEM Network, led by Science Foundation Arizona, is a collaboration between business, educators, government and philanthropy sharing a common agenda to graduate more Arizona students prepared for the global economy. The Arizona STEM Network receives support from Arizona’s elected leaders, employers, CEO organizations and philanthropic partners.

To achieve its vision of an Arizona recognized globally for a qualified workforce that drives the economy, the Network is focused on:

  1. Creating meaningful business engagement opportunities in education
  2. Strengthening teacher effectiveness in STEM
  3. Integrating STEM into schools and districts
  4. Changing the culture and community fabric to embrace STEM
  5. Measuring outcomes

Generous funding provided by Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation and Helios Education Foundation.

The Arizona STEM Network is a proud partner of 100k in 10, a state affiliate of STEMx, a member of the CS for ALL Consortium, and a state Regional Partner of

Connecting Business and Education

About Business

STEM Business Advocates are individuals, businesses and industry organizations that work with teachers, schools and districts to advance real-world learning opportunities and career exploration for students.

Become a Business

Are you a business partner that wishes to connect to schools and districts in support of real world learning? Join today to support your local schools in a variety of opportunities including project mentoring, industry certifications, internships, higher education research and STEM careers.

STEM Community Centers and Mentoring

It takes a team to mentor a community and a team mentoring model to transform society. Join the community movement to support STEM Mentoring Centers in your area.

Who Is the Stem Network?

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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