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World Science Festival to Live Stream Science Programs
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5/30/2017 to 6/4/2017
When: Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Where: United States

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From May 30 through June 4, the World Science Festival returns to New York City for its tenth year. Featuring over 60 programs, the Festival brings the world's leading scientists, artists, thinkers, and performers to audiences of all ages, and we'd love to share our educational programming directly with your school via World Science Festival Live. 


WSF Live is a series of free, independently organized events hosted by schools and organizations like yourself. We encourage our hosting partners to tailor the experience to their community (for example: supplementing the screenings with their own local experts and speakers). 

We’re still in the process of putting the finishing touches on our programming for 2017, but we have a list of summaries that we’ve included below. There is also no obligation to stream the program in real time -- you may stream it anytime after the festival if you wish as well! 


2017 Live Stream Program List: 


COMPUTATIONAL CREATIVITY: AI and the Art of Ingenuity 

(Wed 5/31 at 8pm) Joined by leading experts in psychology and neuroscience, they’ll explore the roots of creativity in humans and computers, what artificial creativity reveals about human imagination and the future of hybrid systems that build on the capabilities of both. 

SPARE PARTS: The Promise of Human Regeneration 

(Thurs, 6/1 at 8pm) If successful, regenerative medicine will have an immense impact on how we care for the injured, sick, and aging — and how we think about death. This program will explore mind-boggling medical advances as well as the societal and economic implications of a future in which everybody may truly be forever young. 

EVOLUTION EVOLVES: Are We the Masters of Our Fate? 

(Thurs 6/1 at 8pm) Are we undergoing a new form of evolution in which artificial changes are faster and more radical than those produced by the natural world? Should we control our own genetic material? Where will these changes lead us? Renowned geneticists, paleoanthropologists, and biologists consider our genetic future as evolution evolves. 


(Friday, 6/2 Morning) The World Science Festival’s Pioneers in Science program gives high school students from around the globe rare and intimate access to some of the world’s most renowned scientists. Each year's pioneer shares personal stories, life challenges and career highlights, while students engage in a town-hall-style discussion—all with the goal of inspiring. Curriculum Available 

QUANTUM REALITY: Space, Time and Entanglement 

(Friday, 6/2 at 8pm) Ninety years after the historic double-slit experiment, the quantum revolution shows no sign of slowing. Join a vibrant conversation with renowned leaders in theoretical physics, quantum computation, and philosophical foundations focused on how quantum physics continues to impact understanding on issues profound and practical, from the edge of black holes and the fibers of spacetime to teleportation and the future of computers. 

THE SOCIAL SYNAPSE: Neuroscience and the roots of human connections 

(Friday, 6/2 at 8pm) This program will examine the development of the human brain—and the brains of other animals -- asking how neurons and synapses orchestrate communal behavior and guide group interactions, demonstrating how our social nature is key to our humanity. 

PONDERING THE IMPONDERABLES: The Biggest Questions of Cosmology 

(Sat, 6/3 at 2pm) Is our universe unique or one of many? Was there a before the Big Bang? Why is there something rather than nothing? Some argue that if these deep questions can’t be answered empirically, they’re not relevant to science. Are they right? Join world-leading cosmologists, philosophers, and physicists as they tackle the profound questions of existence.
MUCH ADO ABOUT NEARLY NOTHING: Nanotech and the future of energy 

(Sat, 6/3 at 8pm) Join world-class nanoscientists and environmental leaders in an exploration of how they are manipulating and rearranging matter at the tiniest of scales to accelerate the invention of cheaper and more efficient ways to make renewable energy, light-weight “wonder materials,” and energy-storage technology that is leading a revolution toward a better and more responsible way of powering society. 

SCIENCE UNDER SIEGE: Truth and Insight in an Alt-Fact Era 

(Sat, 6/3 at 8pm) Join scientists, science journalists, historians, cultural psychologists, and legal experts to examine the interface between the scientific process and the sometimes unscientific public, as we hurtle headlong into an uncertain future. 


(Sat 6/3 at 4pm) Alan Alda has issued this year's challenge to the world's top scientists: What is energy? In an action-packed hour of interactive demonstrations, Alan and a team of experts invite the audience to explore how our bodies use energy, the impact of natural resources, and how we’re going to power the world in the future. 


(Sun 6/4 at 1:30pm) Can you break a cinder block on your chest? Dance your way into learning about fossils? Play catch with a robot? These are all things that these people do every day… at work. Meet some of the coolest science teachers we’ve ever encountered during this interactive performance that keeps you on your feet. Class is in session, and you won’t want to miss it. 

CARTOGRAPHERS OF THE BRAIN: Mapping the Connectome 

(Sun 6/4 at 5pm) Join leading neuroscientists and psychologists as they explore how the Connectome promises to revolutionize treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders while also answering profound questions regarding the electrochemical roots of memory and behavior, the link between experience and perception, and perhaps the very nature of consciousness itself. 


If you have any questions or would like additional information about World Science Festival Live or about the World Science Festival ( or ) Once you’ve confirmed, we’ll provide a digital toolkit to help you promote and enhance your live stream event. 

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