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Coaches for Robotics and Other STEM Team Competitions
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What is it?


With the community heavily involved in robotics and various STEM competitions, the college offers training coaches and mentors for competitive teams grades 4-12

How is it done?

  • The college faculty and volunteers mentor high school robotics teams for FIRST Technical Challenge with team members being notified through the county high schools’ science teachers and counselors

  • The event is coordinated by college faculty who are also the college’s AFCEA Club (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) advisor

  • College clubs require college faculty for club organization and club mentoring

  • The Cyber Patriots’ teams have been coached and mentored by college faculty and students.  Requires room space and access to the college’s IT equipment.  Funded through AFCEA, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, with mentor hours from Cochise faculty, area teachers, and Cochise College students.  These mentor volunteers are recruited through classroom requests from college faculty, faculty email support requests, and area teachers who are interested in coaching a team.

  • The Computer Challenge outreach activities are:

  • For middle school and high school students throughout the county

  • Maps of the campus are provided and direction and room signs posted

  • Funded by AFCEA,  Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, and hosted by Cochise College mentors/volunteers of faculty, administration, and students

  • Breakfast is provided for volunteers and student participants

  • Lunch is provided for students

  • Awards are given for each challenge

  • The event is held throughout the campus wherever space is available

  • Budget:  Estimate $3000 plus donated equipment, training and volunteer time

What are the results?

  • More students are able to compete at more advanced levels with the college’s expertise and available resources

  • Students become more determined to pursue STEM opportunities in education

  • Local, state and national recognition of team efforts

  • Competitions encourage creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm – all valuable tools for successful employment

  • Increase industry partners involvement

What have we learned?

  • Brings students to the college for early college experiences

  • Provides leadership opportunities for college students who mentor

  • Future students like to be involved in activities at the college

  • Partnerships with industry partners are valuable

  • Academic extra credit for activities is a possibility for some competitions

  • The Award luncheon is separated for high school and middle school participants due to the large number of students (approximately 350 students/year)

  • Best to host the event on Friday when the regular college classes are not being held

  • There can never be too many direction signs

  • The event is enjoyable for everyone and most mentor/volunteers return every year

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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