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Math Improvement Seminar
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What is it?


A weekly mandatory Mathematics Improvement Seminar (MIS) for Early College Academy students (high school students pursuing engineering) supplementing their math skills with emphasis on post review of math requirements for the past week, assistance on current homework, and a preview of the upcoming week’s math coursework requirements. This Seminar has been provided at no cost to all students who attend, whether attendance is voluntary or mandatory. Attendance is monitored.

How is it done?

  • All students must take a math placement test using Accuplacer

  • Students testing at 55 or above in the Accuplacer are not required to take the MIS supplemental math course, but are welcome to attend for additional support

  • Students testing between 37 and 54 must take the mandatory MIS supplemental program. The mandatory course will be free to all Early College Academy students and monitored by the instructor, the K-12 Student Support Specialist and the MIS instructor.

  • Students meet on the college campus every Friday for two hours

  • Taught by Math Faculty/Professional Math Tutor the MIS course will be funded through the K-12 Outreach Department

  • There will be no exceptions to the required math supplemental course for students scoring less than 55 and no exceptions given for lack of attendance.

  • Budget:  To date, the costs to offer the course have only been for the instructor’s time.

What are the results?

  • This seminar provides student a pathway to succeed in math

  • Anticipate more student success with the MIS support

  • College’s Student Success Committee is testing curriculum success for consideration of implementation into other coursework

What have we learned?

  • Students who do not do their homework are not successful in math
  • Best to constantly review programs and adjust requirements as necessary to achieve student success
  • High school students who have only completed Geometry and not Algebra II do not do well on the Accuplacer but may still test into the MIS Program
  • Students with parent encouragement, need to take Algebra I in the 8th grade to be more prepared for the college engineering program
  • Students who were offered the summer Modular Math Program did not improve their test scores
  • Parents and students are surprised that they do not test at the higher math level even though they may have performed well in high school

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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