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Dual Enrollment or Dual Credit Offerings
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What is it?


The Career Technical Education Program (CTEPS) and the college dual credit courses offer high school students academic alignment in partnership with the college credits (Program of Study)

How is it done?

  • High school students apply for admission to the college
  • Students pay course and lab fees
  • College faculty must be qualified to teach courses on high school campuses.  Because students are underage, the high school requires additional specialized training for younger students

  • Recruit students to programs

  • Word-of-mouth by enrolled students and high school counselors/faculty

  • High school and college course descriptions

  • Present CTE programs to 8th grade students during high school orientation

  • High school mails parents/students notification letters (letters about what?)

What are the results?

  • Students who choose CTE opportunities are employable

  • Students who choose the AP college level courses are able to get ahead of college requirements while still in high school

  • Most students who take the dual credit classes go on to college

  • Students and parents save money because of the lower rates (lower than what?)

  • Because the college level courses are for a full year rather than a semester, more time is spent on the content

What have we learned?

  • Parents are not opposed to paying for the dual credit courses

  • Students who do not pay for the dual credit courses but are in the class and exposed to the coursework, benefit in college from the exposure

  • By taking dual credit courses, students are able to have an academic opportunity to get ahead

  • Best to review opportunities and teacher requirements for teaching college level courses

  • Students who take CTE classes at the college are perceived to be more highly qualified than those that only took high school CTE classes

  • It is good to provide more opportunities for students

  • Good practice to partner and develop good relationships with area high schools

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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