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The Girls/ Women in STEM Group is an information sharing group to discuss, share and disseminate ways to improve, attract and retain girls and women in STEM K-16 education programs and successfully transition them into the workforce.


Women were awarded one out of five engineering degrees in Arizona in 2013 and one out of four computer science degrees. Arizona ranks 4th in the nation for STEM job growth.  Between 2014 and 2024,  STEM jobs in Arizona will grow 23% (27% Computing and 17% Engineering).  The demand for engineering and computer science graduates exceeds the supply.

Arizona employers, educators, and government could dramatically increase the available talent in computer science and engineering with women by simply closing gender gaps and issues across the entire talent pipeline:

  1. Use immersive learning to increase female interest to pursue a career in STEM.   Internships, apprenticeships and other hands-on learning and career programs provide a fun,flexible environment to immersively learn, practice, and explore STEM while picking up valuable skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  
  2. Educators and female students both desire and need mentors.  Role models and mentors play a powerful role in inspiring encouraging and supporting students and young women in STEM at every stage of their STEM education and career.
  3. Increase retention and growth rates for women in STEM which is currently not improving at the rate needed to achieve parity with men or meet the projected industry growth need.  By completing high school and earning a technician’s certification or a college degree that matches their area(s) of interest where the interest is matched to skills needed to fill STEM jobs in industry, women can earn  92 cents for every dollar earned by men, compared to 77 cents for other fields


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