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The STEM Network 

Q: Why should I join?

A: There are many benefits to joining the STEM Network. It provides resources to help integrate STEM into schools. The STEM Advocates program matches business volunteers and non-profits with schools in need. It facilitates the expansion of smaller educational programs so that they may reach a larger audience. For philanthropic and corporate partners, the Network provides a forum to share information about where resources are being directed. Explore more useful resources under the STEM Tools & Resources tab.


Q: Does it cost to join?

A: No, simply joining the Arizona STEM Network is a cost-free tool for businesses, educators, government, and philanthropy.


Q: What are some of the Arizona STEM Network’s past accomplishments?

A: A few recent accomplishments of the Network include developing and defining and set of common statewide metrics, establishing the business advocate program and delivering the tools4teachers resources.


Q: How is the Arizona STEM Network different from the Science Foundation Arizona?

A: Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) is a public/private non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen Arizona’s economy by investing in scientific research, supporting education in STEM and facilitating collaboration between Arizona research institutions and industry. The Arizona STEM Network is lead by the SFAz and is a Network designed to help improve Arizona’s educational system for STEM.


Q: How large is the Arizona STEM Network?

A: The Arizona STEM Network is continuously growing as new users register. Currently, there are over 1500 members, which consist of educators and industry professionals.



Website Usability 

Q: How do I join?

A: To join the Arizona STEM Network, click on this link to start the registration process.


Q: How do I get information on starting a new STEM club?

A: The STEM Club Guide is a resource available to members of the Arizona STEM Network. Teachers and administrators can use it to support the process of setting up a STEM Club or to improve an existing club. To learn more, go to this page or go to the STEM Club Guide under STEM Tools & Resources on the Arizona STEM Network website.


Q: How can I get more information?

A: Use this page if you have any comments or questions.



STEM Resources 

Q: What resources become available if I join?

A: After joining, you will be part of the online community this Network provides. It will also give you access to STEM groups, clubs, and online educational courses. The Network provides forums on STEM clubs and grant opportunities that are only accessible to members.


Q: What is the Collective Impact Model?

A: The Collective Impact Model is an approach that brings together multiple entities around shared goals. For the Arizona STEM Network, the Collective Impact Model brings together educators, businesses, government, and non-profits with the shared goal of having more STEM graduates driving economic growth.  The Collective Impact Model brings partners together, facilitates interactions, and coordinates activities.


Q: What resources are available to help start and implement a STEM program?

A: The STEM immersion guide is a resource that involves the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics into rigorous lessons that connect students to real world careers and issues. The guide has four levels – Exploratory, Introductory, Partial Immersion, and Full Immersion. You can take an online assessment to see where your organization falls, and then download the model to start a STEM program. For more information, go to Tools4Teachers under STEM Tools & Resources.


Business Advocates 

Q: As a business advocate, what do I get out of joining the STEM Network?

A: The STEM Business Advocates program matches business volunteers with education programs in schools throughout the state. The Network also provides a forum that allows partners to share information about where resources are being directed throughout the STEM education ecosystem. Corporate partners benefit from this because it helps to multiply the impact of strategic investments. Learn more about business advocates here.


Q: How are businesses and schools matched in the STEM Business Advocates program?

A: Each school and business provides their geographic area and areas of interest when they register.  STEM Network personnel review the inputs and make recommended matches.  Both the business and the school get the opportunity to review and approve the match.


Q: What is the CTEq STEMworks?

A: STEMworks, through Change the Equation, is a database of high-quality STEM education programs.  Each program in STEMworks has been independently vetted and cleared a very high bar for quality. WestEd, an independent nonprofit research organization, has reviewed each program against CTEq's Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy and an accompanying Rubric. Business leaders, funders and STEM advocates from across the nation use STEMworks to find proven and highly-scalable STEM education programs to help them maximize their impact on STEM education.



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