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Industry Representation at Outreach Events and Activities
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What is it?


Cochise College offers many outreach events and activities for students leading to student success supported by local industries.

How is it done?

Examples of the outreach events and activities that benefit from industry engagement are:

  • Engineering Night – company employees, faculty, students, and professional organizations come together for a night of information and a “look” at various engineering activities and programs

  • Computer Challenge - Every spring the college hosts the Computer Challenge which covers a very diversified group of technology related activities sponsored by AFCEA, an organization dedicated to STEM funding for students of all ages

  • Student Clubs - There are many student clubs for engineering students to choose from including IEEE, AFCEA, Science Club, MACS, and Technology Club which have industry sponsorship and industry funding for scholarships

  • Pharmacy Camp is an interactive summer program where students entering grades 6, 7 and 8 will tour the college campus; participate in workshops and activities surrounding the aspects of the pharmacy profession funded by local organizations through gifts and donations

  • Limited to 20 students and is free to the students who will learn about poison prevention, the discovery of new medicines, and the history of traditional medicines

  • Participate in exciting compounding lab exercises like making lip balm and lotion

  • Learn skills that will allow them to perform calculations and activities that pharmacists use on a daily basis

  • Visit labs located on the campus, as well as tour the Cochise College campus

  • Partnerships with Cochise College, UA college of Pharmacy, and local businesses and organized by Cochise College faculty and staff

  • Budget for the program is approximately $2,500

What are the results?

  • Students can learn by doing with hands-on activities

  • College students gain valuable experiences for their resumes

  • College students and future college students are involved in high-intensity activities

  • Allows students to develop professional skills including public speaking, planning, and networking

  • Students who are enrolled in clubs are more connected to the  college

  • Companies and organizations who are involved with student activities and support are more likely to hire locally. The businesses have a vested interest in the developing workforce talent.

What have we learned?

  • Helps build community with outreach activities

  • Allows students to discover their passion and strengths

  • Provides students with access to professional role models

  • Utilizes the college’s resources providing students with information on what is offered at the college

  • Helps students learn that being involved is an ongoing process learning about campus events and outreach opportunities that are always changing

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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