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Classroom and STEM Club Industry Guest Speakers
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What is it?


Various subject matter experts and industry representatives are invited and coordinated by the K-12 Director into the classrooms providing students with a broader knowledge of the educational and job opportunities.

How is it done?

  • All guest speakers are coordinated through the K-12 Director who teaches the CPD (Career and Professional Development) course, required for all entry level Early College Academy high school juniors.

  • The Director determines and communicates the expectations for each speaker

  • Invited guest speakers usually present for the entire class period - approximately one hour - allowing time for questions from students

  • When an engineering career is being discussed and researched in the CPD class, a practicing engineer is invited by the K-12 Director to the class to share their job experiences and requirements with students.  Northrop Grumman engineers are invited frequently because they are located close to the campus

  • Universities are invited to provide transfer information, scholarship opportunities and an overview of a larger campus’ opportunities to students

  • The STEM Pathway Coordinator is invited to promote internships, discuss job soft skills, resumes, and interviewing protocol

  • Budget:  At this time, no one is paid to come and talk to the students.

What are the results?

  • More informed students

  • Better prepared students for the workforce

  • Encourages students to understand opportunities and job skills needed to equip themselves for successful employment

  • Connects universities and company representatives with students and provides an initial look at the students’ career interests and educational needs

What have we learned?

  • It is good practice to bring in working engineers for students to understand what they are doing and how they achieved their success and for them to understand students’ interests and needs

  • Companies can see what the future employee capabilities are and encourage students into their employment fields of opportunities

  • Students are more determined in their career choices in the STEM fields

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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