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Group Tours and Field Trips
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What is it?


Providing college students field trips and off-campus visits to industry and university campuses has an impact on student success

How is it done?

  • Group tours/field trips – off campus

    • Each year ASU provides an overnight trip to their campus through the Motivated Engineering Transfer Student (METS) Program.  Cochise College faculty drive students to the university in Cochise College vans

    • All Engineering students are on the trip and is coordinated by the Engineering faculty

    • Students and faculty spend a full day touring the College of Engineering facilities and ASU advisors are available to answer questions

    • Free to students funded by an NSF grant to ASU

  • Group tours/field trips – on campus

  • Cochise College provides transportation of area high school students to Cochise College for exciting, hands-on activities that will encourage students to come to the college and plan their future career choices.  College Advisors and Recruiters sponsor and plan activities for the half day event

  • Students voluntarily sign-up for the event

  • The college provides lunch

  • Budget:   Estimate $2500 for food, hotel rooms, and transportation for students and faculty. Estimate $1000 for food at all ASU events held at the Cochise campus.

What are the results?

  • Cochise students who transfer to ASU through the METS program graduate from ASU at a rate of 100% in Engineering!

  • Anticipate increased enrollment in Engineering/STEM degree plans from high school seniors at Cochise

  • Job shadowing is a one-person field trip that gives students the opportunity to observe their mentors and mirror work skills and professionalism

What have we learned?

  • Taking and bringing students to a campus encourages students to see themselves mentally as attending these academic institutions

  • Knowledgeable college advisors are a key to student success in navigating the academic curriculum

  • The attendance is extremely good for both off and on campus experiences

  • Food can be a motivating factor in enticing high school students to participate in the ASU campus visits

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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