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About the STEM Club Guide
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Purpose of Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide users with a clear understanding of shared characteristics, attributes and benefits of STEM Clubs. Teachers and administrators can use the guide to support the process of setting up a STEM Club or improve an existing club.  Potential funders and industry representative can use this guide to assess the viability of STEM Clubs and learn ways to support the efforts of these clubs.  Finally, this guide will serve as a link to the Arizona STEM Club Network, which will provide a way to share information and resources with STEM Clubs around the state.

Contents of Guide



STEM Club Map

This page includes a map showing where all registered STEM clubs in Arizona are located, along with a space below for new clubs to register. 

Design Considerations

The Design Considerations are the features determined to be essential for a club to follow the SFAz STEM Club Model and be successful.  This page contains a description of each of these Design Considerations along with guiding questions for schools to consider as they develop, evaluate, and/or expand STEM clubs


The Attributes are the components determined to be desirable in order for clubs to maximize their impact.  This page contains a description of these Attributes along with guiding questions for schools to consider as they develop, evaluate, and/or expand STEM clubs.

Start a Club

This page translates the Design Considerations and Attributes into guiding questions for schools to use as the develop STEM Clubs, and provides additional start up resources as well.

Support & Resources

This page contains links to organizations supporting STEM clubs and STEM club activities, along with a link to the Arizona STEM Network Tools for Teachers” resources, and a page on “Funding” information on how to find or provide funding on STEM clubs.

Clubs in Action

This page links to videos, pictures, and testimonials from existing STEM Clubs.  Additional links are added to this page regularly.

Online Groups

This page connects to the STEM Club Groups on the Arizona STEM Network, and allows users to join these groups and interact with other STEM club facilitators around the state with similar interests.


Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz), the Arizona Science Center and the Arizona Department of Education have created and tested models for STEM Clubs in Arizona. At present there are over 100 STEM Clubs operating in schools and colleges across Arizona.

Building on this initial work SFAZ has partnered with the Arizona Science Center, the Arizona Department of Education, Rio Salado College, and Arizona State University to develop a STEM Club Network and Guide.   Our hope is that these tools will expand and extend the benefits of STEM Clubs to students throughout Arizona.

Links to Collaborators

This guide is the result of a collaboration between the following organizations:

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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