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Questions to Consider
Student-Centered Successful clubs will focus all activities and efforts on meeting the needs and interests of the students. While the level of student leadership of the club may vary, the clear focus on meeting students’ needs should not vary.
  • How do students influence what they learn and how they learn within the club?
  • How are student needs determined and met?
Inquiry-Based Successful clubs will engage students in inquiry-based STEM related activities in varying forms. This will include involving engaging students in problem-solving, reasoning, and decision-making.
  • How does club engagement stimulate student curiosity?
  • How do students learn to transfer concepts to new problems and solutions?
Integrated Successful clubs will provide students with exposure to activities that integrate concepts and skills from math, science, engineering and/or technology. This does not mean every activity must integrate all four areas, but it does imply students utilize knowledge and skills that intersect multiple disciplines.
  • How are multiple disciplines reflected in the club?
  • How do students apply knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines?
Relevant Successful clubs will help students understand the importance of learning about STEM. This will include exposing students to STEM careers and helping them see the importance of STEM in all aspects of their lives, both inside and outside of school.
  • How is the importance of STEM demonstrated in the club?
  • How do students understand the relevance of STEM concepts to their current and future personal and professional lives?
Fun Successful clubs will provide students with enriching educational experiences that help students enjoy learning.
  • What evidence shows that students perceive the club as engaging and fun?
  • How do students influence the club culture?

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