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About the STEM Pathways Guide
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Purpose of Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide adopters with a clear understanding of shared characteristics, attributes and benefits of STEM Pathways. STEM Faculty and administrators can use the guide to support their STEM planning and implementation.  Potential funders and industry representatives can use this guide to assess the viability of STEM Pathways implementations and learn ways to support the Pathways efforts.  Finally, this guide will be hosted by the Arizona STEM Network, which will provide a way to share information and resources with Community Colleges, Universities, and K-12 Educators around the state.

Contents of Guide



STEM Pathways Model

The STEM Pathways Model is the strategic framework that provides the basis for the STEM Pathways Guide and Processes.  This page includes an interactive STEM Pathways Model and links to printable copies.

Setup Team

This page shows you the people and roles needed to set up a team that will adopt the STEM Pathways Guide in their STEM Planning.   You will also create a timeline.

Take Assessment

This page tells you about the STEM Pathways Assessment, and how to complete it.  You will identify gaps and strengths of your organization, prioritize the gaps and identify actions to take to address your priorities.

Develop Plan

This page takes the output of the Assessment, and uses it along with any existing STEM Strategic Plan to develop an Action Plan.

Funding Sources

This page contains links to potential funding sources for STEM related Grants.

Pathways Collaborations

This page links groups that are currently collaborating on STEM Pathways.


This page provides examples of successful STEM Pathways Program Implementations that map back into the STEM Pathways Model / Framework.

 More Resources  This page contains links to Articles, Videos and other useful information related to STEM Pathways.


In 2009 Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) invested nearly $1M in Cochise College, located in Sierra Vista, Arizona, to begin development of a STEM Pathway. This investment led to a robust early college academy and a compilation of K-12 STEM outreach initiatives. The program also identified additional opportunities to improve the STEM Pathway. To address these, in 2011 SFAz and Cochise College continued their partnership with a $900K National Science Foundation (NSF) grant (DUE-1003847) that completed their STEM Pathways Program and produced a STEM Pathways Model and easy-to-use online STEM Pathways Guide.  SFAz continues to refine the STEM Pathways Model and Guide within the KickStarter NSF grant, (HRD-1450661) and as part of the SFAz +8 NSF grant (DUE-1400687).  Any opinions findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Links to Collaborators

This guide is the result of a collaboration between the following organizations:


©2016 The STEM Pathways Guide and the information it contains is the work product of Science Foundation Arizona with funding from National Science Foundation (HRD-1450661, DUE-1400687, DUE-1003847). Permission is granted to reproduce, use and distribute all material within the document for noncommercial, educational purposes, provided that proper citation of source and copyright are clearly identified. Questions or comments may be submitted via

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