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STEM Pathways Guide: Take Assessment
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Before taking this assessment you should have completed the step to Setup your Team in the STEM Pathways Guide and be familiar with the STEM Pathways Model.  You should also gather and review any existing information related to your organization's:

  • Current Strategic Plan and Vision
  • Current STEM Pathways initiatives (if any exist)
  • Data on past and present STEM efforts


Quick STEM Pathways Assessment

The Quick STEM Pathways Assessment enables one person to provide a simple Yes/No Response at the top level of the STEM pathways Model. When completed, it can be printed or screen captured. Data can be saved only with a manual copy/paste into a spreadsheet. Formatting is not preserved. 


The Quick Assessment can be a used as an initial estimate for where your organization is at in their STEM Pathways development, but we have found that many organizations want to apply more rigor in their assessment to determine specific actions.

Detailed STEM Pathways Assessment

SFAz Technical Advisors help facilitate the detailed STEM Pathways Assessment which is a forms based questionnaire based on the  complete STEM Pathways Model.  The Assessment allows teams of up to ten people to simultaneously rate the pathways capability of the area they represent.  They can also create notes about strengths and improvements for the area they just rated.  All of the responses are rolled up for the Institution and a Heat Map Analysis is performed which recommends prioritized improvement actions based on all of the team's inputs.  

Before taking this assessment you should have completed the step to Setup your Team in the STEM Pathways Guide.  Attach a copy of your Team Development Form to the Request for the Detailed Assessment.  Although you may have industry and K12 representatives on your planning team,  only the team members from your college will be taking the Detailed Assessment. You will be contacted by the SFAz Technical Assistance Team with instructions and a link to take the assessment.



Questions to Consider


 While taking the STEM Pathways Assessment and determining your organization's needs, the following questions should be considered:

  • Who will complete the STEM Pathway’s Guide Assessment?
  • Will you take the “Quick” and/or “Detailed” STEM Pathways Assessment? 
  • What other type of assessments can/should be completed and/or looked at?
  • What support documents will need to be gathered to support discussions and help determine needs?
  • How do the Pathway’s needs relate to the organization's overall Vision/Mission/Goals?
  • What specific needs related to STEM Pathways exist, and which of these does the school want to address?
  • What barriers may exist that need to be addressed in order to address the selected Pathway’s needs? And, can these realistically be addressed? 


Using the Detailed Assessment Results to Inform STEM Pathways Planning 

After completing the forms based assessment, the team next convenes a meeting where they use the Heat Map Analysis and rolled up Question Responses to discuss improvements for the red and orange "gap" areas needing attention.  


They can drill down into the individual components of the STEM Pathways Model and look at their notes about strengths and required improvements.


The team should review and discuss the notes about improvements and strengths of their current practices, looking for strengths/practices in other departments that could be used to address gaps.   It is important to also take into consideration the overall Strategic Plan, Vision, and Direction(s) for your college.  The Heat Map Analysis table can be sorted to show largest gaps at the top, as shown below. Capture the specific recommendations that the team agrees to into the Heat Map Analysis Table for input to the plan development step There is a Recommended Actions Column in the table below for this purpose.  

 The next step is to Develop a Plan.

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