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Informal STEM / STEM Clubs
Informal STEM/STEM Clubs
Informal STEM Education

Informal STEM Opportunities include all programs that expose children and/or adults to STEM related experiences that provide academic and other learning supports to young people and their families during or outside of schools (often supplementing in-school learning). Providers of Informal STEM Opportunities may include any organization that provides STEM focused expanded learning opportunities to students. These may include but are not limited to – museums, sports organization, private organizations, foundations, and government entities. In addition, schools and colleges are considered Informal STEM Providers if they provide Informal STEM Opportunities to students and/or the broader community.

Informal STEM Education Committee

Currently the Arizona Informal STEM Education Committee, functioning as a workgroup of the Arizona STEM Network, is comprised over 90 members representing K-12 Educators, Higher Education, Industry, Informal STEM Providers, and Government Entities. This committee meets quarterly with subcommittee meetings as needed and is dedicated to expanding the availability of quality informal STEM opportunities for students throughout Arizona. This committee has been in existence since August 2012.

2014-2015 Goals of the Committee:

1. Developing & Supporting Informal STEM Opportunities: Providing guidance and resources in support of STEM clubs and other informal STEM opportunities throughout Arizona.

2. Bringing STEM into the Classroom: Developing strategies for increasing STEM in the classroom by learning from the data collected, the lessons learned from informal STEM opportunities, and the expertise of the committee members.

Private donations fund our operating budget, education and research efforts.

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